The 5 Star Report TM

With “The 5 Star Report”, you will get a complete report on how your hotel is performing in all areas. It is a management tool that will help you see what areas of the hotel are performing well, and what areas should be improved.

Any 5-Star hotel or resort should do take advantage of expert help, such as our 5-star consultants, at least 1-2 times per year. The hotel will always seem at its best when the management is present. But what happens when there is no supervision? How can you assure your guests are getting the very best in service 100% of the time?

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With such sites as Tripadvisor and reviews on booking sites such as, hotel owners are getting the hard truth of what exactly goes on in their hotels when they are not around. Researching reviews are becoming a common practise when guests book a hotel. They paint a picture of the state of your hotel, and can be a large factor in the decision to stay with you. And, although not everyone takes the time to write reviews, the rising popularity of these sites can have a positive or negative impact on your image, but with only a certain degree of accuracy.

The 5 Star Report will give you the true story of how your hotel is performing. It is a management report that will rate your hotel and compile a prioritised list on where you need to improve.

You will be rated in the following areas, with a detailed account for you to look over:

  • Lobby/Reception Area
    – Check in
    – Check out
    – Concierge Service
  • Staff
    – Service level
    – English knowledge and understanding
    – Cleanliness and appearence
  • Rooms
    – Condition in general
    – Linen condition and quality
    – Towels
    – Pillows
    – Sound isolation
    – Quality of bed
    – Room cleaning
    – Defects in room
    – Minibar selection
    – Iron/Ironboard condition
    – TV Quality
    – TV Channel selection
    – Aircondition and noise level
    – Showerhead quality and condition
    – Condition of bath tub
  • Restaurants
    – Management summary
    – Food quality
    – Service
    – Drink selection
    – Decor
    – Music selection
  • Pool and Beach
    – Service
    – Umbrellas / Shade options
    – Sunchair Quality
    – Sunchair ratio vs guests
    – Pool menu
    – Condition of pool towels
  • Hotel Area
    – Cleanliness
    – Resting areas
    – Music selection

To ensure a full and proper report, reporting always take place during 5-8 days.

The price is 6.495 USD

The price includes everything exept from the hotel stay and test dining at the hotel. Everything else is included (including international consultant fee, flight tickets, transportation time etc.). Read more about our consultants here

All reports are confidential, and will not be shared with anyone.

Are you ready to see how your 5-Star hotel is really performing in any given situation?

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