About 5 Star International

Every five-star retreat has an obligation to provide the most immaculate accommodations for their guests. At 5 star international, our duty is to keep you at your best.

We are an international agency that specialises in providing consultation services to the most prestigious luxury stays across the world. Our unique system is built on a dedication not only to your hotel, but to the guests you welcome every day.

We work not only with every element that a five-star establishment boasts, but go the extra mile and discover what makes your stay unique by examining the individual experience. Our team has the knowledge, the expertise, and the true passion required to set your establishment apart. We live and breathe a world of quality and service, and are constantly learning how to make the best even better.

We believe in providing excellence when offering any of our services. Our firm is small and expertly trained, guaranteeing our clients true piece of mind when being visited by one of our professionals.

Why only five-star hotels?

Whether traveling for business or leisure, any guest should feel like they are in the best possible care when booking the highest class in a hotel or luxury accommodation. As most veterans of the trade know, being a 5-star is not only about providing a consistent level of quality, but also knowing that there is always room for improvement.

Our consultants are long-time professionals dealing strictly with 5-star hotels and resorts. We know the ins and outs of the business and take pride in helping some of the best in the world offer an even greater experience to their valued guests.


We offer a range of in-depth services such as our FiveStar Report. This involves us sending our consultants to stay at your location(s) as a regular guest and providing you with a detailed analysis of their experience with you.

Our competitor analysis resembles the mystery guest programme, but provides you with a detailed account of an experience with a competitor, as well as a comparison to your venue.

Five-Star International also offers on-site training, helping your hotel apply our years of professional experience to enhance guest’s stay.

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