Social Reputation Report

The future of your hotel will be decided by online sources such Tripadvisor, how is your current reputation and what are the main critic points?

There is no doubt that there is a direct link between your occupancy rate and your rating on Tripadvisor and other popular travel sites. Travellers are sharing their thoughts and experiences with the rest of the world, and word of mouth holds more power than ever.

Our Social Reputation Report is typically used as an add-on report for “The Five Star Report”, but can also be ordered separately. We will begin an in-depth investigation of your social media and online reputation on the top travel sites online. We will go over hundreds of reviews in order to create a detailed account of what is being said about your hotel. Additionally, our report will analyse the reputation of the best rated 5-Star hotels in the same city, and compile their data in order to create a comparison. We will also comment on your hotel’s current effort to participate in those social medias, and suggest ways you could improve.

Analysing and improving your online reputation has become absolutely integral for the success of any luxury accommodation, help us make you the talk of every notable travel site with our Social Reputation Report.

The price is 2.495 USD

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All reports are confidential, and will not be shared with anyone.

Are you ready to see how your 5-Star hotel is really performing online, and get tips on how to be better?

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