Competitor Report?

How are your competitors really doing? With Five Star International’s Competitor Report, we will create a complete report allowing you to view and compare them with your own guest experiences. The Competitor Report is a tool that helps your hotel stay apprised of  a competitor’s establishment in order to improve the quality of service offered at your 5-star location. The Competitor Report is also an invaluable tool when performing a market analysis before opening a new 5-Star hotel or resort.

With the Competitor Report, we will visit your competitor as a mystery guest (read more about how we work here) for 4-5 days, and also spend 2 days in your hotel, to be able to compare and make a proper management report on differences and improvements.

The competitor report is a detailed account of your competitor’s location, and an analysis of your hotel in comparison theirs.

This includes:

  • Management report
  • Strengths and weaknesses of your hotel compared to the competitor
  • What could you do to exceed your competitors level
  • Cost analysis

Our 5-star consultants will factor every possibility and even create a cost & ROI scenario, allowing you to have an estimate of what improvements will cost in order to provide the very best insight on what your choices are. This means you can have one of the most comprehensive and invaluable reports on the market, specially designed to look at every option available to you when improving your luxury stay.

All the elements included in our Competitor Reports, are the same as in our “The Five Star Report”. You can read more about what we are reporting on here

Get the Competitor Report for only 6.495 USD

This package fee is all-inclusive (including international consultant fee, flight tickets, transportation time etc.) but does not include the price of the room or any dining on premises. Read more about our consultants here

All reports are confidential, and will not be shared with anyone. Naturally your competitor will never know about this report. 100% Confidentiality

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